Tech Tips

HAKKO FX-952 – Case4 Nothing appears on the display

Case4 Nothing appears on the display.

Case4 Nothing appears on the display.

Causes:A power cable may not be fully seated or a fuse in the power receptacle may be blown.

Countermeasures:Check the connection of the power cable and condition of the fuse in the power receptacle. If nothing appears on the display even if there are no problems with the power cable and the fuse have, a printed circuit board or a transformer may be faulty. Contact a HAKKO office, a service center or a distribution outlet near you to have the faulty soldering station, the sleeve assembly, the connector assembly and the soldering tip repaired. Two ways to have a faulty assembly repaired:

Submit the unit in a set of the station, soldering irons and tips for repair.

Please return the unit to the place of purchase for repair.

[Power cable check]

[Check on a fuse in an power receptacle]