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Offset value input method

Offset value input method
Here shows how to offset, for example HAKKO FX-951.
The offset value input method varies with its product. As for the details, please confirm the method of each product by its instruction manual. In case the offset value input method is uncertain (unavailable of its instruction manual), please contact with the nearest representative.
Why does the setting temperature differ from the actual measured temperature?
Offset value input method
In the case of Soldering iron In the case of thermometer
Are the tip, element cover, nut, etc. oxidized? Has the sensor of the thermometer deteriorated?
Is the tip shape changed? Are the batteries low on power?
  Is the correct measurement method suitable for the measuring instrument being performed?
In the case of soldering pot  
Indicated temperatures are lower.  
In the case of hot air rework system  
How to Use the Temperature Probe for Hot Air Rework System (No. C1541)  

The offset function stores the current tip temperature in the station. Inputting the offset value correctly enables the “tip temperature” to be the “set temperature”, which offers you a correct temperature.

How can I enter the offset value? How can I enter the offset value?

>>Offset value Input Method
Case 1 If the “tip temperature” is higher than the “set temperature”, input a negative offset value.
Case 2 If the “tip temperature” is lower than the “set temperature”, input a positive offset value.