Tech Tips

How to use the temperature probe for hot air rework system (No. C1541)

Let’s look at the adjustment method using the analog Hot Air model HAKKO FR-801 as an example.
Step 1) Use Sensor B to determine HAKKO FR-801 setting conditions required for rework.

* For how to use Sensor B, see the following pages.

How to use Sensor B

Step 2) First, select one unit to be “Unit A” for use as a reference.

Attach the nozzle to Unit A and mount Sensor A at the specified position.

* For how to use Sensor A, see the following pages.

How to use Sensor A

Step 3) Measure the temperature of hot air blown from the nozzle and record the conditions of [unit A] such as “temperature” “Blow rate” “Position of knob” etc.
Step 4) Attach the similar-shaped nozzle to [unit B] and set the conditions of [unit A] which were recorded in step 2.
Step 5) Mount Sensor A to [unit B] and measure the temperature.
Step 6) Perform CAL adjustment so that the temperature becomes the same temperature as for [unit A] measured in the step 2.

* For digital Hot Air models such as HAKKO FR-802, HAKKO FR-803B, etc., adjust the temperature based on the offset values.