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Long Life Type

The following two cases of a short tip life may occur:

  • Case where the iron-plated section is holed by corrosion.
  • Case where the solder-plated section is blackened and oxidized,resulting in being less wettable.

Case of hole by corrosion

We would like to recommend you to use a long-life tip.

We would like to recommend you to use a long-life tip. Our specially-processed*1 long-life tip can provide approx. double of the life*2 of a standard tip. The available types and shapes are limited*3, however, we are sure that you will find out the difference.

*1 Thermal efficiency may be lower than the standard type in some cases.
*2 The above data are only experimental values and are not guaranteed values.
*3 Long-life tips are available in four types for 900 Series and 16 types for T12 Series.

Case of being less wettable

HAKKO FT-700 Kit is recommended for maintenance.
Case of being less wettable Please clean the tip with the Tip Polisher HAKKO FT-700 and Paste HAKKO FS-100(provided in Kit). The FT-700 brush removes the oxides, and the FS-100 recoats the tip.
The kit is surely recommended for maintenance of a long-life tip.
Why do tips easily oxidize when they are used with lead-free solder?

Tip polisher HAKKO FT-700 Tip polisher
Wire-type tip cleaner HAKKO 599BChanging the tip cleaner tells you the difference. The wire-type tip cleaner will prevent the oxidation!

Wire-type tip cleaner

Removes the oxides without damaging the tip.
HAKKO FT-700 Product Feature
Details on product features and use
Chemical paste HAKKO FS-100 Chemical paste
For removal of the oxides and recoating Introduce you the countermeasure and precaution for the oxidation. Only the use of the FS-100 paste tells you the difference.