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T18 Series (for Solder feed) Soldering Tips

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T18 Series (for Solder feed) Soldering Tips (Narrow-pitch Soldering Type (Shape S))

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T18 Series

* Compatible with lead-free solder.

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Shape BCM/CM Shape BC/C Shape B Shape D Shape I Shape J Shape K SMD Type : Shape Quad SMD Type : Shape Tunnel SMD Type : Shape Spatula Shape A Shape H Shape R Shape SB Special Applications Type Shape Concave

Applicable Model

HAKKO FX-888 (Discontinued)Handpiece : FX-8803(65W)
HAKKO FX-888DHandpiece : FX-8803(65W)
HAKKO FX-889Handpiece : FX-8803(65W)
HAKKO FR-701Handpiece : FX-8803(65W)
HAKKO FR-702Handpiece : FX-8803(65W)

Shape B

All-round type which can be used from any direction and is easy to hold at any position.
Possible to solder any surface from small to large.
How to use the Shape B and examples

T18-S4 Shape-S4
T18-S4 Shape-S4
T18-SB Shape-SB
T18-SB Shape-SB

Shape D

This type has a shape like a flat-blade screwdriver and is capable of soldering by applying the tip in 2 ways: line and face.
The width (size of tip) suitable for the workpiece can be selected, and it can be used for any soldering work.
How to use the Shape D and examples

T18-S9 Shape-S9
T18-S9 Shape-S9