Tech Tips

N2 System – Other required equipments

The followings are not available in out line-up.
Required equipment Specifications Intended usage
Compressor 0.3MPa or more air pressure and 10L/min or more flow rate It compresses air.
Air dryer It dries water in Compressor, which is generated when compressing air.
Air filter * 0.3µm It removes dust.
Water filter *
0.01µm It removes water and oil.
Regulator 0.3 ~ 0.7Mpa adjustment
0.5MPa is recommended in case of HAKKO N2 system.
It adjusts compressed air.
Air joint OD ø6mm It connects Regulator to Air Tube.
Air tube OD ø6mm It supplies air from Regulator to Flowmeter.

* Filter names varies depending on manufacturers. N2 system requires all the equipments above.