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N2 System – effect

Trouble with soldering defects?

  • N2We help you clear it by N2 system.
  Soldering defect samples Effect of N2 system reduce soldering defects
A ·Bridging
·Protrusion icicle
·Insufficient solder filling in PTH
·Soldering defects caused by insufficient heat
Preventing oxidation and preheating effect
·Damaged components (condenser, LED, etc.) by rapid heat preheating effect

*In the soldering industry, ”wetting” is the phenomenon that melted solder contacts with a metal surface and flows and spreads over the surface. “Wettability” means a spontaneous solder spreading.

A : Bridging, Protrusion icicle, Insufficient solder filling in PTH and Soldering defects caused by insufficient heat

Soldering defect causes Improve soldering environment by N2 system Preventing oxidation and preheating effect.
  • The high temperature stimulates oxidation of solder and workpiece surface. It results solder unwettability.
  • Insufficient heated workpiece causes solder to melt hardly. It leads to soldering defects.
img Solderbility improves by soldering with nitrogen gas; it can block off oxygen around soldering point and preheat workpiece. See the movie for further details, *The followings are considered causes of soldering defects; how to manipulate soldering iron, the amount and speed to feed solder and oxidation of soldering tip.

Further expected effects

If solderbility improves;
  • Soldering with mildly activated flux can be done.
    N2 system solves the problem of combination with lead-free solder featuring bad solderbility and mildly activated flux.
Relation between mildly activated flux and N2 system
  • Soldering multilayer P.W.B. can be done.
    N2 system solves the soldering difficulty of multiplayer P.W.B. caused by heat dispersion.

B : Damaged components (condenser, LED, etc.) by rapid heat

Soldering defect causes Improve soldering environment by N2 system preheating effect
  • If heated rapidly by soldering iron, components such as IC chip can be damaged.
img Preheating workpiece by heated nitrogen gas alleviates a rapid heat to the heat-sensitive components and allows to set at a low temperature.For further details, click here.

Further expected effects

If preheating effect is taken;
  • Soldering process speeds up.
    N2 system saves soldering time because preheating makes solder reach melting point rapidly and wet very smoothly.
For further details, click here.
  • Oxidation of soldering tip being reduced.
N2 sysytem reduces oxidation of soldering tip by low setting temperature. *In addition to N2 system, the following products can alleviate oxidation. Tip cleaner HAKKO 599B, and Tip maintenance kits HAKKO FS100 (chemical paste) / HAKKO FT710 (tip polisher) N2 system mechanism