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900L-T-B Conical Soldering Tip R0.5mm x 20mm

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Soldering Tip Shape-B For 900L. 934. 908. 914. 952. 959

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How to use Shape B and examples

This shape is All-round type which can be used from any direction and it is available for any works. Therefore it is not only accessible for the soldering beginners but also suitable for the experienced.

This page introduces three kinds of soldering work. Please try the tip shape showed bellow if in trouble such as bridging, faulty fillet formation, insufficient wetting, etc.

Soldering chip parts


Use it for soldering chip part.

Put the tip to the land and drag the tip slowly while feeding solder.

Some IC is specified by manufacturer not to be touched electrode by tip end.

The other tip shapes are recommended.
Soldering chip parts


Drag soldering
Use it for drag soldering.

Put the tip end to the leads and drag it slowly.

Apply flux to leads and land pads before soldering. It prevents the troubles such as solder bridge.

    Check the right timing to feed solder.


The other tip shapes are recommended.
Drag soldering


Point soldering
Use it for point soldering.
1. Put the tip end to the land pad and the through-hole at one time to heat them.
2. Feed solder to form smooth fillet on the land pad.

The other tip shapes are recommended.
Point soldering