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FH210-81 Iron holder

SKU: HFH210-81


Available for order*

Soldering Iron Holder for FN1101, FN1102

223.73 Ex VAT

Replacement Parts

Part No. Name Specifications
photo:B3216 FT401-81 FT-401 Tip cleaner Buy
photo:B3216 A1561 A1561 Tip Cleaning wire Buy
B5214 B5214 Tip removing attachment Buy
photo:B3216 B5215 B5215 Holder for iron receptacle Buy
photo:B3216 B5216 B5216 Iron receptacle with screw Buy
photo:B3216 B2791 B2791 Retaining clip Buy

Tech Tips

Category Title
Top Tips Top Tips for Successful Soldering and De-Soldering Processes