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T17-BCM2 Concave Bevel Soldering Tip 2mm/45° x 11.5mm



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Bevel Tip with indent, 2mm/45° x 11.5mm
Fits FM2026 Nitrogen Soldering Iron
Used in conjunction with the N2 Nozzle Series; B2706

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The BCM Tip Shape is a popular shape that is used for drag soldering. The small cavity created by the concave face of the soldering iron tip provides a reservoir of solder that is used to create the solder joints as the tip is passed over the lead and pad. As the tip passes over the lead and pad, the solder wets to the surfaces, and the surface tension of the solder between the solder joint and the concave face balances allowing only enough solder to remain at the joint for proper filet formation.