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T18-CSF25 Bevel Soldering Tip Tinned Cut Surface – 2.5mm/45° x 10mm



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T18-CSF25 Shape-2.5CS Bevel Soldering Tip Tinned Cut Surface only – 2.5mm/45° x 10mm
This type has good heat transfer with short tip end design, tinned cut surface only

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T18-CSF25 Tip

  • This tip is used with the following Hakko Soldering Stations and Systems:
  • Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station
  • Hakko 913 ESD Safe Fume Extraction Iron (Requires a Fume Extraction System)
  • Hakko 907 Soldering Iron
  • Hakko 907-ESD Soldering Iron
  • Hakko 900M Soldering Iron
  • Hakko 900M-ESD Soldering Iron
  • Hakko 928 Soldering Station
  • Hakko 936 Soldering Station
  • Hakko 936-ESD Soldering Station
  • Hakko 937 Soldering Station
  • Hakko 703 Soldering Station

Tip Shape: Bevel

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