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T19-I Conical Soldering Tip R0.2 x 17mm



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T19 Series Sharp Conical Tip shape I For the FX-601 and FX-8805 soldering iron

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How to use Shape I and examples

Having the very fine tip end, this shape is best for soldering micro components such as 0603, etc and for repairing high-density-mounting P.W.Bs. such as in cellular phones, etc. However, the heat capacity of Shape I is very small and the heat may not be transferred to workpiece sufficiently, which caused the insufficient solder (It’s called Red Eye generally.).

Shape I has the special application of Heavy Duty Type.

Soldering tiny chip parts such as 0603

H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor Very fine tip end makes it easy to solder a tiny chip.

Soldering at the narrow pitches

H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor It is easy to work with Shape I at the narrow pitches in which the tip end of Shape B touches the nearby ICs.
* The tip in the photo is T12-ILS.
T12 series has the most variation of Shape I in HAKKO products:
T12-I, T12-IL and T12-ILS.