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FM2029-01 Mini Hot Air Tool (Conversion Kit)

SKU: HFM2029-01


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Single-nozzle hot air handpiece designed exclusively for HAKKO FM-206
Slim grip is ideal for work in narrow spaces
Hand switch enables easy ON/OFF operation
Conversion Kit includes holder and heatproof mat
Nozzles NOT included

181.59 Ex VAT

The HAKKO FM-2029 is a miniature hot air rework handpiece with a single nozzle for use with the HAKKO FM-206 Multi-port Combined Soldering, Desoldering and SMD Rework Station.

Includes a slim grip and an easy on/off feature for easy use in narrow spaces. Securely and easily remove 10 x 10 (mm) chips.

H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor

H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor

Connectable to a handpiece holder to control the air. Connect HAKKO FM-206 and the handpiece holder with a relay cord to turn off the air automatically when the handpiece is placed in the handpiece holder. Turn on the air again by operating the hand switch. The air does not turn on automatically when the handpiece is picked from the handpiece holder.

The nozzle is a built-in heater composite-type unit

The composite-type nozzle provides excellent thermal recovery and easy one-touch nozzle replacement. Heater replacement, which used to be difficult with the hot air-type, is no longer required


Model No. FM2029-01 FM2029-02
Power consumption 140W (24V)
Temperature range 100 to 550°C
Nozzle to ground resistance <2
Nozzle to ground potential <2mV
Heating element Composite heater
Cord length 1.2m
Total length 232mm (with 4.0mm nozzle)
Weight 50g (with 4.0mm nozzle)

Soldering Tip / Nozzle

N4 Series

Part Number  Description  
FM2029-02 FM2029-01  FM-2029 Hot air Conversion Kit

(Includes Handpiece, Stand, Heatproof Pad and Connecting Cable)

FM2029-02 FM2029-02 FM-2029 Hot air Handpiece ONLY Buy
photo:c5034 C5034 Iron holder Buy
B3253 Connecting cable Buy
photo:B3219 B2300 Heat resistant pad Buy

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